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If you are looking at this site it is because you have acknowledge your life is not as peaceful as you would like and you are seeking help to make it better./font>

“The attempt to avoid legitimate suffering lies at the root of all emotional illness.”
M. Scott Peck, “The Road less travelled"

Many of us experience periods in life when we struggle with problems and feel overwhelmed from time to time or when faced with difficult situations.

  • It may be that a relationship has broken down or there’s a lack of relationship in your life,
  • You are fearful or sad, depressed, lonely or angry
  • You have recently had life change(new child, new job, bereavement, relocation,…)
  • You find it hard to say “NO”
  • Perhaps an “indulgence” is becoming a way of life
  • You’ve never” felt quite right “within YourSelf
  • You are questioning your Faith
For these and many more issues, Counselling in Chiswick offers a way to talk things through with a supportive and experienced therapist who is trained to help you explore different ways of dealing with a situation, in a safe and confidential setting.

By gaining insight into your circumstances, you begin to make changes in your life that feel right for you.

The Counselling Process
How I work
I am a strong believer that the relationship between the client and the therapist is the key to a positive therapeutic process and experience. It is based on a commitment from both client and therapist. Together, we explore your feelings and identify underlying emotional patterns that need to be addressed.
Therefore, I endeavour to provide a safe, empathic space , based on acceptance, non-judgement, respect and trust.
My approach is Integrative, Humanistic at core based on my Person Centre initial training. I incorporate different theories and techniques such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Mindfulness and Solution focus to develop a tailored experience, guided by my client’s unique and individual personality and needs.
I believe in honouring the client’s internal guide, the part that knows the way, and I become a companion on the journey towards Self awareness and discovery. I listen to what the silence is saying, witness the struggles, I respect the confusion and the fears and discern when to challenge, reflect and explore feelings and emotions to bring about new ways to move forward.

Qualification, Experience & Training
I trained at Thames Valley University where I undertook a very personally challenging and life changing British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy Accredited course. I gained a Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling in Person Centred and Humanistic Models. As part of my On-Going Professional Development, I regularly undertake other trainings. My training has been in Mental Health, Substance Misuse and Rape and Sexual Assault and more focused on Attachment and Trauma in recent years .

I am Registered MBACP and abide by the Code of Conduct/Ethics. You can also find me on

Since completion of my training, I have worked in Charitable Organisations, working as a Substance Misuse Counsellor including Mental Health, and in private practice.
I have worked with hundreds of clients in the NHS Setting or through Self referral in my Private Practice in Chiswick.
Although my focus has become trauma and attachment, there are many reasons why people come for counselling and the issues I work with are wide ranging :

  • Addictions-Dependence- Codependence
  • Anger
  • Anxiety- Depression-Panic Attacks-Fear
  • Assertiveness-Confidence-Self-Esteem
  • Bereavement- Loss- Grief
  • Parenting issues
  • Relationships
  • Life changes
  • Existential Anxieties
  • Sexual Assault and Rape
  • Spirituality/ loss of Faith
  • Work Issues and conflict

Length of Therapy and Cost
Sometimes only a few sessions will be sufficient and I can work short term, six to ten sessions in a focused way, addressing one particular issue.
For long term, open ended counselling, the duration of therapy will be determined by reviews along the way to explore how things are going.
We meet face-to-face once a week at an agreed time.
The sessions last 50 mn. The fee is £70.00 per session.
Concession fees can be negotiated depending of personal circumstances. (limited spaces only)

Starting Therapy
Do not delay your healing, CALL NOW 07950892019.
We can have an informal chat to answer any further questions you might have.
If you then feel you are ready to change your life and address your issues of feeling lost, confused, depression or relationship problems or struggling to come to term with loss among other human conditions, we will make an appointment, for an Initial Consultation to discuss your goals. We will then negotiate a mutually suitable time for the sessions to take place generally on a weekly basis.


"I found Isabelle to be a uniquely gifted counsellor who was able to help me restore meaning to my life when I had forgotten...Highly recommend her skills and listening gifts...Thank you for the experience"...I B...(Writer- Oct 2017)

"Isabelle has been of exceptional help; I am surprised how quickly she was able to understand my situation and instantly adapt the sessions around it. I am grateful for this service.

"For me personally, the whole experience was really helpful and enlightening; It helped me address and resolved my problems and condition from the start. The counselling has helped me look forward to a new phase in my life. MF (2017)

'I wish to pass on my sincere gratitude to Isabelle for her guidance and support that she gave me over the six sessions I received.
For one reason or another I have had cause to attend counsellors but found myself not returning after a session or two and not believing it worked.
Isabelle's approach and style suited me and I found myself intrusting a stranger with some detailed events in my life which I never thought would happen. The sessions, sometimes raw and to the point enabled me to have a different outlook on my life and strangely I found myself changing with each week that passed.
On the completion of my last session I felt I had taken a journey which I had been waiting years to take. I felt I had a purpose and a new positive outlook on where I was heading. All this was down to the time, patience and sometimes raw truth that I needed to hear from Isabelle.
I wanted to write this, from someone who never believed that counselling could work, to "eat humble pie" and to say thank you to Isabelle and your organisation for making me believe.'
-Phil. W.

'At first I was very nervous and didn't know what would be happening in the sessions, but it has helped me a lot about understanding my feelings, what's going on in my life and how I can cope in the future.
The sessions are very comfortable and I always left feeling I had gained understanding.
I would recommend this to anyone.'
-S. James

'Dear Isabelle,
Thank you so much for all your help and helping me to discover my own insight. I am by no means better, but I am by all means better than before.
You're a lovely woman and you're fantastic at what you do.'
-Andrea. L.

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