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Divine Healing Master Keys. Flower of life

Divine Healing Master Keys
This is a method of healing that enables an accurate and effective way to identify and clear blocks and patterns that are holding you back from manifesting and living a fulfilling life.
The powerful sessions work directly with your Higher Self, therefore without judgment and interference from Ego.

It accesses and clears:
•Soul records and soul programming
•Inherited ancestral patterns
•Unresolved past-life issues
•Hidden Ego agendas, Self-sabotaging patterns and personality conflicts
•Blocked energies in subtle bodies and chakras
•Interference energies including entities
•Physical, Emotional and Mental imbalances
•Genetically encoded imprints
•Judgements and negative beliefs
•Shock, trauma and fear programs

It facilitates:
•Regeneration and rejuvenation of your cells
•Enhancing brain function and integration
•Stabilize body
•Encoding of healing essences, colours and crystal
•Balancing the body’s nutritional & biochemical needs
•Harmonizing & aligning of energy bodies and chakras
•Healing eyesight

As this is a very powerful healing, you need to give yourself time to integrate the changes that have and are taking place.

With time, You begin to notice how different you feel, how you relate to yourself and others and a reduction in your anxiety and depression symptoms.

This is an on-going process which requires several sessions as there are many “layers of stuff” to be released.

Cost & Length
The exchange for this powerful healing is £120 for two hours session which can take place in person in chiswick or by phone.

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